Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

This quote from André Gide summarises the spirit of Voile Blanche. The courage to dare, always and at any cost, because only by accepting challenges is it possible to attain new goals, overcoming the barriers of our problems every day.

Since 2004, the year in which the first shoes in the sail cloth Dacron were produced, Voile Blanche has always been modern, linear and neat, with a constant research for detail, conscious that style is not synonymous of excess, but detail. The philosophy of the brand is to go hand in hand with all those who want to be original, design conscious and attentive to workmanship and materials, without slipping into the conventionality of mass products. Shoes designed for the only person that counts: the person who wears them, at any time of the day wherever he or she lives or travels in the world.

That is why a sporting and town look are continuously mixed: because if on one hand the person Voile Blanche targets is unique, the way he or she uses shoes is different. Sneakers for leisure time, dressy shoes for more elegant and fashionable occasions. Refusing the dictates of the market which demands that we identify ourselves with just one product, Voile Blanche aims at allowing freedom to people who identify themselves in the free world of choice, while remaining true at all times to a single fundamental rule: the integrity of style, the only real one that counts before fearlessly setting sail.

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