Andrea has a passion for design, Anna lives for fashion, Michela is a photographer, Roberto is passionate about art, Giulia loves nature.
Take 5 friends, on a trip together.
The name of the destination? Stockholm. The name of the game? Discovering the city from 5 different points of view.
Are you ready? Let’s start. The buzzword is: #wearevoileblanche.


Andrea, as a lover of design, starts off with an advantage.
From the golden days of the 1920s Swedish Grace, Sweden has been famous for design and Stockholm is the heart and soul of design.

Wearing his Liam Powers, Andrea suggests a mini-tour in 3 stages.

A visit to the recently renovated Nordic Light Hotel, a pure example of Nordic design.
Following by total immersion in the Södermalm district , the avant-garde heart of the city, with its design shops, art galleries, research and originality.
Ending with a quick visit to Design Torget, to indulge in bit of crazy shopping.


If like Anna you are very trendy and not a victim, you cannot miss a visit with her to Lisa Larsson, a shop of truly cool vintage clothes and accessories, with items that are real gems dating to from the 30s through to the 70s. A journey through eras and styles that even those who know nothing about fashion will adore.

Wearing her Julia Powers with platinum details, Anna also suggests a quick visit to Östermalm district, the ultra-chic area of the city, where all the most glamorous restaurants and hotels, and boutiques of the most important international and Swedish brands can be found.


Centuries-old lanes, bridges, smiling faces, glimpses of water and greenery as far as the eye can see.
Wearing her blue leather Fennys and her beloved camera over a shoulder, Michela invites everyone to abandon themselves to the enchantment of the city, guided only by the desire to discover its magic.

A visit to the Gamla Stan is a must! This is the old city, with its Royal Palace, cosy bistros where we get a chance to enjoy delicious typical cakes and warm up with a hot drink.
Seeing the sunset from the terrace of the Town Hall, and a visit to the Fotografiska, the urban temple of photography, are truly unforgettable experiences.


With so many museums and private art galleries, Roberto is spoilt for choice on what to visit to help us discover the artistic spirit of the city. But Roberto is to say the least, original, so he decides to take everyone … underground.
The Tunnelbana, Stockholm’s underground, is the longest art gallery in the world.

The many installations, paintings, ancestral caves and mosaics make each stop a journey into the collective imagination of more than 150 artists who have turned the underground into a visionary and surreal experience.
To tune into the urban environments, Roberto wears his Arpolh Eyelets.


Wearing her Eva Hikes , Giulia takes the group for a walk through the greenest district of one of the greenest capitals in the world: Hammarby Sjöstad, also known as the “City of Water”.

Hammarby Sjöstad is Stockholm’s biggest urban development project, and is today one of the most successful sustainable residential districts in the world.
The smiling faces of Stockholmers who have chosen this place as their home confirm how very attractive and liveable the city is.
When all is said and done, nature is peace, and here it is all around us.

5 friends, 5 ways of seeing and experiencing the same city.
After all, why limit yourself to visiting a new place, when you can see it from different points of view?