Contemporary sophistication

Voile Blanche is about experimenting and surprising, breaking away from enforced rules, in the pursuit of something new. Always contemporary, a symbol of an unconventional lifestyle since 2004, when the first shoe to use Dacron was produced, the material from which sails are fabricated, and still used today.

A choice of style which blends Italian and international creativity with a special attention to quality and artisanal craftsmanship in the processing of materials. Voile Blanche is experience, design, contemporary lifestyle, and the freedom to experiment.
Voile Blanche shoes have sports in their DNA and a personality which is all fashion, from the decisive tones for men and softer hues for women, which express their unconventional and urban spirit. Sport and city joined in an exclusive union of mood and trendiness.
Each style of shoe is unique, like the person who chooses wears it

We are

Voile Blanche.

We are Voile Blanche