A journey of exploration

The first Voile Blanche collection, ultra-light footwear inspired by the world of sailing, was launched in 2004. Starting with the first model made from the fabric of sails – Dacron – Voile Blanche is characterized by its innovative, linear style and constant attention to detail. The spirit of Voile Blanche continues its journey of exploration and never stops taking inspiration from people, respecting their style and habits. Only one rule: the continuous search for sartorial quality.

Research, technique and attention

Voile Blanche expresses a light and fluid style based on the harmony of lines and colours. The shapes are enhanced by innovative processing techniques and the high performance of the selected materials. Research, attention to detail and technology become distinctive elements and speak to an increasingly evolved consumer.



The strong and recognizable aesthetic of the brand is combined with a sense of freedom. Each individual should be able to choose how to act and dress, the style of sneakers merges with functionality. The soles are ultra-light and high-tech, the materials breathable and technical.


Informal but always sophisticated style. Clean lines and details for versatile daily wear, shoes that are easy to wear without sacrificing personality.


Inspiration comes from metropolitan trends. An expression of personal style that enhances the individuality of the person wearing them. Shoes and boots are ideal for those seeking innovation and experimentation.


Voile Blanche Society

Two concept stores, in Milan and Paris, born in two of the most important fashion cities, where the Voile Blanche vision takes shape and becomes a boutique.

The stores are designed to take visitors on an evocative journey through time, moving between the past, present and future, an experience dedicated to design and innovative research. In the boutiques you can also buy handbags, designer objects and beauty products, all of which have been carefully designed. An exclusive space where customers are free to explore, research and select the best for themselves.