voile blanche berlino

Berlin today: the city unfolds in all its beauty during the day and at night.

An incredible skyline unfolds before your eyes. The rosy dawn bridges the way between a night of enjoyment and the many discoveries of the day before you. As you stroll through the streets you find yourself surrounded by pure art. Without any intermediary, without interpretation. Nothing but life to leaf through and enjoy. Night-time has passed in a flash. In the underground areas of the city architecture is post-industrial, while techno-music reigns over Berlin’s nightlife.

voile blanche berlin

The Keller Clubs are underground clubs that represent the alternative soul of the Berlin scene, where the stars are the DJs and the players dance to the notes of more or less well-known music. Darkness in Berlin means nightlife with an underground culture that meets in the underground tunnels of the city, where neon lights mark the rhythm. And you find yourself in one of the many clubs, each with its own identity, close to the Alexanderplatz, in Berlin’s Mitte district, or the trendy Neukölln district.

And so, as the night leaves you with the throbbing signs of your last dance, the sky turns into day and sunrays light up the graffiti on buildings and walls.

berlin voile blanche

Just a little further on, right next to you is the East Side Gallery on Mühlenstrasse, that has been an international monument since 1992. A trail of 1.3 kilometre with over 100 murals. The city’s open-air tunnel, that is the largest part of the original Berlin wall, runs along the Spree. Graffiti speak and tell a story of freedom, started by the many artists who rushed to the area, after the fall of the wall.

Almost by chance, you come across another space that speaks of street art: TheUrban Nation. And you will be amazed to discover that this is new and largest museum on graffiti, indoors and out. Many more or less famous artists were responsible for the work on front of the museum building which dates to the 19th century.

In the heart of Europe, Berlin overcomes the burden of history and discovers that it is a young city, surrounded by art that lives in music and graffiti, inviting you into its warm embrace in a rewarding journey that has only just begun.