Parco Güell

Gaudí and Barcelona: where works of art of undecipherable beauty bear witness to one of the most beautiful and prolific encounters between man, culture, shapes and materials.

Barcelona invites you to live a vibrant and vital experience which bridges tradition and modernity. Wearing a comfortable pair of sneakers with elegant details, where delicate aquatic textures are offset by natural materials such as linen and jute, we are ready to plunge into our next journey.

A light South-Easterly wind accompanies our deliberately slow stroll, as we enjoy the unique details of the Catalan capital in full. In Plaza Real we admire the 6-arm streetlights, designed in 1878 by a young Gaudí. Despite the fact that the streetlights were one of his first assignments, they represent his naturalistic stage of research, with floral elements and a combination of materials and colour effects.

Number 43, Passeig de Gràcia, in front of Casa Batllò. There is no mistaking the “casa del drac” or “house of the dragon”, with its arched roof that has been likened to the back of a dragon. Much of the façade and roof are decorated with a colourful mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles (trencadís), a symbol of Catalan modernism. The creative genius of Gaudí manifests itself even in the interior of the building: zero edges and soft lines, and a patchwork of marble, ceramic, wood and wrought iron.

We move westwards, towards Parc Güell. The staircase at entrance by the salamander is the symbol that welcomes visitors to the city-garden, a skilfully modelled park where most of the unusual architectonic elements are decorated with mosaics made from colourful ceramic pieces.

Evening has fallen when we glimpse the glinting reflections of the Sagrada Família cathedral. The incredible unfinished work of art, which is still being completed, celebrated the 135th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone in 2017. The building reaches upwards to the heavens forcing the absent-minded passer-by to raise his eyes to admire the facades, the 18 magnificent towers and 4 bell towers.

Sagrada Familia

7 of Gaudí’s monuments are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites (between 1984 and 2005): an unequalled record. In Gaudí’s works of art, nature and art are a continuous source of inspiration that is also reflected in the exclusive mood of the new Voile Blanche collections. Gaudí’s Barcelona: an unusual context, where fashion and design meet, giving life to a perfect match of styles.