A sudden wind stings your cheeks. There’s a bitter cold nip in the air in New York. After your ride in the yellow cab you flagged down, you are ready to mix with the crowd. There is a stream of people in the streets; Christmas is just around the corner.

Glamour and the latest fashion trends take you step by step to the streets of down town New York. At Christmas, New York becomes a whole new world to explore, plunging you into a kaleidoscope of colours, perfumes, moods and inspirations that capture you and make you want to become a part of this incredible atmosphere.

Fashion is a way of life and everything changes swiftly, above all during the Holiday Season.

Fifth Avenue is an endless showcase of dreams and emotions in Manhattan Borough. From there, the vortex of lights, music and perfumes invites you to explore Upper East Side, a symbol of luxury and elegance in the Big Apple, that has also become an iconic example of elegance, thanks above all to the cinema world. Intoxicated by an endless flow of dazzling lights, you allow yourself to be carried into the world of shopping, where luxury and style mix, inviting you to explore. You enjoy each moment of your journey as you search for new emotions.

And when your day in the glam city comes to an end, another New York gem appears before you, clothed in soft white snow, Central Park. The icy elegance of Bow Bridge amazes you, and you fall instantly in love with the historical Wollman Ice Skating Rink.

What will you remember forever about this trip? The beauty of your time there, the inimitable elegance that blends with an urban style of a city that breathes and changes, all the time. A thousand faces, lights, styles that you have experienced and are now part of you forever.