With their urban-chic sneakers, Voile Blanche dresses and inspires those who are looking for innovation and originality in the design, attentive to the workmanship and materials, in the knowledge that style lives in the detail, and always remembering that less is more.


Urban-chic inspirations for everyday life

For SS 2020, in support of the community of people who are from different worlds and backgrounds, the brand has put together the “VOILE BLANCHE PEOPLE” campaign: women and men who wear Voile Blanche in their daily lives.
Eclectic and creative, the project ambassadors are artists, designers and artisans with genuine character and a special story to tell, in which the sneakers play a central role. The aim is to portray people in the most natural way possible, photographing them in environments that recount their way of life and their unique, unmistakable style.
Every other week, the spotlight shines on a new protagonist: Voile Blanche sneakers become part of new stories about style and originality.