sneakers story

Our original journey to discover sneakers is not just one story, but many different stories. It is about the people who wear them, the people who have made them a way of life, and the people who by wearing them, have become icons.
Sneakers have always been about movement; the ultimate sports and running shoes that first appeared in early 1900. Sneakers have been worn by world famous athletes, who have used them as a trump card and unique symbol to win their greatest challenges.

According to the etymology of the word sneakers, they are born to move in silence, sliding along almost stealthily (from the English verb to sneak). With leather and rubber, tighter even than their laces, sneakers bring us something of invaluable worth: energy. Sneakers first became popular with athletes, and later become a symbol of rebellion for young Americans in the 60s.

Fashion, that is today closer than ever to streetwear, brings back sneakers as a cult of the 70s and 80s, and not only in America. Sneakerheads are here; and sneakerheads go beyond loving sneakers, they represent a new contemporary urban context.

Sneakers are all about great sports champions, and once again became popular towards the middle of the 80s with Michael Jordan and his outstanding achievements.

But sneakers are not just about sports. They are also about music. They represent the look of artists and are an icon of rock, alternative rock and punk rock bands such as Nirvana, Ramones and AC/DC.

Sneakers have always in the limelight, not just in the worlds of fashion, sports and music, but also in mass media and culture. In 2005 the documentary film “Just for Kicks” traced the history of some of the most famous sneaker models in the world, featuring famous American personalities who for the first time talked about the sneakers they had worn.
Ten years later, in 2015, “The Rise of Sneaker Culture” exhibition opened at the Brooklyn Museum in New York with more than 150 sneaker models in chronological order, including capsule collections and much more.

Sneakers are playful, and at times flippant, and are available in plain or different colours, with trims and embroidery or in a minimal design. The choice and combinations are endless.

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