Giulia Sollai

Giulia Sollai is a young Italian illustrator and painter. Her art takes shape on sheets, canvases, clothing, and items of furniture.

As Voile Blanche, in her works, Giulia has always been inspired by people, by their style and habits. Her works represent women ready to show their style to the world, without feeling the need to hide. The illustrator has created an artwork for us: the protagonist of the canvas is certainly a young girl, portrayed while looking at the sea, wearing her Voile Blanche and waiting to see her sailing boat enter the port.

Creativity, freedom, contemporaneity, and balance: these are the aspects that characterize the artist’s works and the philosophy of the Voile Blanche brand. Two different types of art and creativity, marry the same values.

In this video interview, the artist tells about herself, explains where her inspiration comes from and what she wants to convey with her artworks.