The AW 2020/2021 campaign, continuing the previous one, is inspired by people and by their style, focused on design that makes authenticity a fundamental element in their daily life.

The project follows four ambassadors, masters in their field, who undertake, every day, to achieve their dreams through versatility, eclecticism and style choices. From the dancer to the sommelier, the music planner to the artistic director: for each of them, Voile Blanche is part of their daily life, a must-have accessory to express their unique style.

Here are the four talents that present the sneakers AW 2020/2021 collection:


At the age of nine, Edoardo began studying ballet and in 2007 he joined the Accademia Teatro alla Scala Ballet School, where he has now part of the ballet corps. For Edoardo, dance is a constant search for perfection and an affirmation of his identity and his way of being. At the same time, in shoes he is looking for lightness and personality in order to express himself.


Born and brought up in Fermo, Sylvia studied and earned her diploma in the transverse flute from the local Conservatory. She then went on to study, and master, the piccolo. Besides her study of instruments, she also continues to study musical composition and orchestration. Throughout her career she has worked with the most important orchestras and famous Italian artists. For her, the most beautiful part of her job is that moment when the audience perceives exactly what she had in mind to create.


Raffaele Papi started his path in the family business, in the heart of Montefeltro’s Appennines, later becoming delegate of the Italian Sommelier Association. His job allows him to meet many people with different personalities and discover new realities, fundamental experiences for his professional and personal growth.


With a degree in philosophy, Barbara has always been in love with the theatre and everything related to creative expression. Today she is the President of the Teatro Sociale of Como and Artistic Director of the Macerata Opera Festival, two roles that see her take part in the creation of innovative projects to promote the active participation of the audience, giving back to art its social role in the community.

Four different personalities, brought together by their passion for work and from the search for beauty, to express themselves and live their everyday life with style.