Giada Zhang


Giada Zhang, recently named by Forbes as one of Europe’s most promising under-30 entrepreneurs, has made a dream her goal and this goal her life.

Brought up in Cremona within the walls of a Chinese restaurant, Giada learned from an early age that to achieve great things you have to make great sacrifices. A desire for independence and a desire to overturn the traditional view of Chinese culture on the role of women-led her to always obtain top marks and speak five languages, excelling in every field. Since the age of 23, she has been the managing director of the Mulan Group, a company that produces Chinese food based on top-quality Italian ingredients for major supermarket chains throughout Italy, serving more than five million dishes every year, which has more than doubled in 2021.

Her strength and dreams are told in the Voile Blanche People Fall Winter 2021 campaign.