With the release of the new Spring/Summer 2020 Collection, Voile Blanche launches the Voile Blanche People campaign.

Since its creation in 2004, Voile Blanche has been inspired by people, regardless of age or origin, respecting their style and habits.
The mission: to dress and accompany those who are always attentive to design and originality, with the awareness that style lives in the detail, and less is more.

Inspired by this philosophy, “Voile Blanche People” was born: this project is all about the brand being instilled by the everyday life of those who wear their shoes every day. It is a community of Ambassadors made up of people from diverse worlds and contexts.

The spotlight will be on Vittoria Hyde, Derek Castiglioni, Sileno Cheloni, Matteo Anselmi and Marta Bernstein. United by originality and passion, they have all managed to make their dreams come true, showing off an unmistakable style. And each one has a story to tell.

The aim of the campaign is to portray people in the most natural way possible, in a familiar context that narrates their Lifestyle.
Voile Blanche sneakers become an integral part of their special history and an authentic way of life, with a perfect balance of eclecticism and personality.