Voile Blanche’s SS 2021 campaign, continuing on from the two previous ones, is inspired by ordinary people, talents in their field, who have turned their original style into a distinctive element of their everyday life. 

Four very different personalities, united by determination, passion and attention to detail. From the food and content creator to the fashion editor, from the entrepreneur to the rowing champion, everyone has chosen Voile Blanche sneakers to express their exclusive and eclectic style.

Here are the new characters who tell the story of the SS 2021 collection through their lives and passions.

SARA BRANCACCIO – Food and content creator

After graduating in Law, Sara discovered a passion for baking and decided to open an American cake shop. Just several years later, her project also arrived on social media, where she shares recipes and moments of life. For her recipes, Sara draws inspiration from everyday life and the trips she takes. 

About Voile Blanche she says: “Colours are part of my life, so Voile Blanche is the perfect choice“.

LORENZO DE CARO – Fashion Editor

Lorenzo graduated in Communication Science and likes to use words and images to tell others of his ideas and taste in terms of culture and fashion. Today he is a fashion editor for major online newspapers, but he still likes to put pen to paper when talking about what surrounds him and what people tell him.

About Voile Blanche he says: “I like Voile Blanche because it’s a shoe for every occasion.”


Ivan began his competitive rowing career at the age of 9 and at 17 he was world champion in the “coxed 4”. Today his dream is to take part in the Olympics. Before each race, Ivan focuses on details and he chooses the shoes to match each of his looks with same attention to detail.  

About Voile Blanche he says: “Wearing Voile Blanche is like having no shoes on your feet“.

ELENA VIEZZOLI – Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur through and through, Elena has lived for more than 20 years in different cities around the world, setting up and managing companies in different sectors. Sharing with others what she has been lucky enough to learn during her career is a mission for her. Today, that mission also includes supporting young women around the world in developing their business ideas.

About Voile Blanche she says: “I like the aesthetics and the attention to detail of Voile Blanche“.

Whatever your talents, Voile Blanche sneakers are the perfect accessory for tackling life’s adventures, balancing style and comfort.