After the opening of the concept store in Paris, on 16th September Voile Blanche Society opened its second Store in Milan, in Via Durini, one of the most elegant neighbourhoods of the city.  

The store, designed in collaboration with an important communication and design studio, brings to mind a typical home in Milan, reinterpreted in a modern key, so the visitors can feel as if they are in an evocative journey through past, present and future.

The window, conceived as if it were almost an industrial frame, embraces us in the display space inside and lets us feel its essence from the first look. Dusty light blue coloured walls, boiserie and brass surfaces, marble and wooden floors all help to recreate the magical atmosphere of homes typical in Milan, whilst the glass display elements give life to an optical effect in which shoes seem to float, just like in a modern art installation, emphasizing lightness, colours and the fine materials. 

Voile Blanche Society provides its customers with a unique experience, dedicated to design and to innovative research. Inside the stores the customers can also purchase bags, design and beauty products, all created down to the minimum details. An exclusive boutique, where customers are free to explore, look for and select what suits them best.

The word Society, has been chosen specifically to represent this ‘home’ of creativity and ideas, in which products communicate the values of contemporary luxury and are all interconnected.