Sneakers have again taken over the runways this year, confirming that they are the shoes preferred by fashion bloggers all over the world, for glamour and comfort.
From eccentric chunky models to the more classical iconic sneakers, whatever you prefer, you can wear them on any occasion and any outfit, without fearing that you have gone overboard.

Read our style tips to match your sneakers to the right outfit and be super trendy.

Casual chic for the office

Silver sneakers, like Voile Blanche’s MONSTER and MARGOT JUMP FUR, are the perfect choice for this casual chic outfit and great for the office.

Margot Jump Fur

Don’t be afraid to make a statement


Elegant for an evening in town

White sneakers, like Voile Blanche’s MONSTER FUR leather sneakers, turn a long evening dress into a bold, sophisticated style.

Monster Fur

Dictate your own style with Voile Blanche sneakers


Urban style for leisure time

Skinny jeans and a brightly coloured blouse matched to spunky Voile Blanche sneakers (JULIA POWER, MAY CLEAN, JULIA STRASS to name a few) add character to your outfit. A light, fluid style of harmoniously matched lines and colours.

Julia Strass

Voile Blanche sneakers are the easy way too dress in a sporty-glam style every day. Sartorial expertise, attention to detail and technological innovation are a guarantee of outstanding performance and exceptional comfort, while creativity and design allow you to express your personality at best.

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