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This document explains how we use the cookies on our Website.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer by the Website server.


What are cookies used for?

Web pages do not have memory. A user who browses from one page to another on a Website is not recognised as the same user on each of the pages. Cookies allow the Website to recognise the browser of a user. Cookies are therefore used mainly to remember the choices of a user (e.g. the language) and recognise visitors who return to the Website.


Are all cookies the same?

No, there are different types of cookies, which are used according to needs. Cookies are different by function, duration and origin.


How does Falc S.p.A. use cookies?

Falc S.p.A. uses:

· Technical cookies, that allow you to display, run it correctly, create an account, login and manage your purchases and activities. Technical cookies are indispensible for to run correctly.

· Analytical cookies to better understand what our Users actually do on the data we obtain include the web pages you visit, the incoming and outgoing pages, the type of platform, information on the date and time and the number of times you click your mouse on a specific page, the movements of the mouse, scrolling and the words your search for and enter when you use This information is anonymous and is used purely for statistical purposes.

· Commercial cookies to display the advertising present on even on other websites (retargeting), according to your previous visits to the Website These cookies are generally stored by reliable third parties (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc…).


How long do the cookies of remain active? uses cookies whose duration varies. The maximum duration, in the case of only some of our cookies, is 180 days. All cookies may be cancelled by the user on its browser at any time.


How do I recognise the cookies of

You will find the cookies of on the settings of your browser.


Does use third party cookies?

Yes it does. uses the services of well-known reliable online marketing and advertising companies. These companies need to store cookies on your computer in order to provide their services.

The suppliers we use are committed to creating informed end users and implement standard practices for responsible business and data management.


Who may access data obtained from the cookies of

Only Falc S.p.A. may access the data obtained from the cookies of Falc S.p.A. may occasionally use third party service companies for market analysis and quality control purposes. The data obtained from the cookies stored by third parties may be accessed by such third parties, who will however ensure that they remain strictly anonymous and process the same in full compliance with the security measures set forth by the Privacy Statement published on


Does Falc S.p.A. monitor my behaviour online?

No. Falc S.p.A. analyses the behaviour of users for statistical purposes only on the Website You may receive advertising material from Falc/Voile Blanche on other websites (retargeting), according to what you do on our Website. This information is anonymous. We do not monitor our users outside the website


How can I edit the cookie settings?